1. I'm taking requests

    brian on 2009.01.30
    at 01:18 am

    Dear, loyal readers, I know there are a handful of you out there. I have not been treating you right and giving you useful thoughts to read. I apologize. At least I’ve been posting on my Tumblr blog. You did know I have a Tumblr blog, right? You know, right here?

    It’s for lots of things I don’t think fit in here. You should stop reading this now and subscribe to it, then rush back here. I’ll wait.

    Thanks. So, I’m not done writing on this blog. But please, tell me what you enjoy reading most here, and I will write more of it. Just for you. Do you like my Apple tips and tricks? How about things about web design? I haven’t talked about that in a while. Gadgets?

    Please let me know in the comments. In fact, if you read any of my stuff anywhere, please let me know what you think of that too, and if you’d like more or less of it.

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