1. Hot Tip: Things

    brian on 2009.02.09
    at 01:06 pm

    If you’re a user of Cultured Code’s Things, the GTD-like organization software for the Mac (with companion iPhone app) you’re really going to like this tip I just found:

    • Open one of your to-dos so that notes section is exposed.
    • Drag a file that’s related to that to-do to the notes column.
    • See a really helpful hyperlink (alias) to the file appear in the notes area.
    • Optional: rejoice.

    Very happy about this. Something I had missed from when I used OmniOutliner for my to-do lists.

    If you’re using and syncing with the iPhone version of the application, the file name will come up as just text in the notes field. Also, if you go to edit the notes field on the iPhone, the title of the file will simply become “LINK 1” so you have reference that it was a file name, not just text.

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    1. Beau Colburn said on 2009.02.09 at 07:51 pm

      Great tip! I’ve been a big fan of Things, and I had no idea about this. thanks.

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