1. Free Library of Philadelphia Possibly Closing

    jake on 2009.09.14
    at 04:53 pm

    It’s a sad state of affairs when one of the original public library systems needs to shut its doors. You may know the Free Library of Philadelphia by the old stories of Benjamin Franklin starting the one of the first public library systems, the Library Company of Philadelphia. Sadly they’re also the first major library to close.

    We deeply regret to inform you that without the necessary budgetary legislation by the State Legislature in Harrisburg, the City of Philadelphia will not have the funds to operate our neighborhood branch libraries, regional libraries, or the Parkway Central Library after October 2, 2009.

    Via Daring Fireball

    Also seen on Boing Boing:

    Just look at that list of all the things libraries do for our communities, all the ways they help the least among us, the vulnerable, the children, the elderly. Think of every wonderful thing that happened to you among the shelves of a library. Think of the millions of lifelong love-affairs with literacy sparked in the collections of those libraries. Think of every person whose life was forever changed for the better in those buildings.

    And ABC News.


    After this was brought to a broader audience’s attention a letter-writing and email barrage has helped save the Free Library of Philadelphia. (via Boing Boing)

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