1. Need a Job? Interested in an Early Stage Startup?

    brian on 2009.09.28
    at 05:17 pm

    Need a job? Are you a freelancer who knows me? I’ve done some advising for a very early-stage Internet dating startup (they have a clever new angle on the old idea) who are looking to build up a small freelance design and development team, and I’m looking for freelancers I know whose contact info I can pass along to the founders.

    Unfortunately, I can’t share many of the details publicly. However, I imagine they would share them with you directly if they make contact.

    Here’s what they’re looking for:

    • Front End Designer*
    • Front End Developer (CSS/HTML/JS)*
    • Back End Developer – fans of the LAMP stack preferred. Open to PHP, Ruby on Rails (or others if you can convince them why).

    *are you both an amazing designer and front-end coder? These two can be combined if the right person is found.

    These are very non-descriptive descriptions, I realize. Right now, they’ve worked more on the business and experience end of the spectrum, and less in the realm of nailing down specific technologies and techniques. This means the people working on the tech side will have a lot of influence on what gets built… a unique opportunity.

    If you’re the designer… you’ll work with the founders to bring their idea into a lucid reality. They have a solid idea of their customer’s experience with the site, but need you to carve that into something tangible.

    If you’re the front-end developer, you’ll take the tangible interface and carve it from standards-compliant code. Experience with mobile web interfaces is a plus here, as that is also in the cards.

    If you’re the back-end developer, you’ll be choosing the tools that are best to serve the data needs of the web app. You’ll have a considerable amount of influence over how this is will all be implemented and scale.

    That’s it. If you find this kind of openness exciting, drop me an email at my usual address and I’ll pass your information along. (I’ve disabled comments on this post.)

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