1. OpenOffice.Org Mouse - Has to be a Joke, right?

    brian on 2009.11.07
    at 01:08 am

    If this isn’t a joke about open-source design, I don’t know what it is.

    OpenOffice Mouse

    Is this like Apple’s Magic Mouse?

    It’s almost the complete opposite of Apple’s approach with their new mouse. The Magic Mouse has one giant button that can do 10 things, we have 18 small buttons that can each do two or more things. And a scroll wheel. And a joystick. And 512k of memory.

    There’s a reason Apple is the most successful consumer goods company in the world, and why your company has the tasteful name “WarMouse”.

    How do I hold the mouse?

    We have found the most effective way is to rest your first three fingers on the mouse with your thumb on the joystick. Your index finger controls the first two vertical rows, your middle finger utilizes the two middle ones and the scroll wheel, and your ring finger the last two rows.

    If you need a FAQ about how to hold a mouse with 18 small buttons, and a scroll wheel and a joystick… then perhaps it’s not the most ideal device for an appendage with only five digits.

    Seriously, someone tell me this is a joke.

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