1. Sex at 11?!?

    jake on 2003.03.28
    at 07:15 pm

    Over at Antipixel I saw a reference to an article from the BBC. Apparently in the UK kids as young as 11 are sexually active. This reminds me of that Southpark episode. I still believe that parents aren't doing their jobs. As is mentioned by the study, kids not only are "doing it" but also have no idea what their doing. Many of them don't understand the premise of condoms.

    When I was 11, most kids thought sex was gross, which made sense considering puberty hasn't really started yet, and mentally kids still mostly have same sex friends. No going out on dates, etc.

    While we should be teaching kids about safe sex. There is an age where it's just too young. Talk to your kids, let them know sex isn't about acceptance or popularity.

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