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    brian on 2003.03.29
    at 01:16 am

    The documentary film Revolution OS was released Friday on DVD.

    The maker self-financed the film and worked for years without a salary.

    In the spirit of open source, the DVD was released without CSS, the content scrambling system used on most commercial DVDs.

    In other news, a very long interview (discussion perhaps) on Daring Fireball with Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire, and proprietor of Ranchero Software.

    Elsewhere, Soybo released an incredible piece of software that I cannot eloquently describe, but Steven Frank from Panic, Inc. can. But in short, it's a web interface to any program on your desktop machine, via web service. That's really quite phenomenal, if you think about it.

    Steven is also working on a project called green. Which means one day you may be able to have the quality of a five-year old, discontinued innovator of portable computing in your modern PDA, which has yet to surpass it. Don't believe me? Can your PDA do this?

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