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    brian on 2002.01.10
    at 02:42 pm

    Straight from my headů

    Quite frankly, the Moxi Media Center is a box straight outta my head. Actually, it’s like someone hijacked my idea (a box with DVD and PVR [ie TiVo] and a way to interface to your home computer) and did it three times better. That is, they added wireless (802.11), firewire (ieee1394), cable/dsl router, cable/satellite reciever, 80gig HD, digital media play back, on screen interface, email, IM, all based on a custom Linux build. But perhaps the coolest thing is that there are remote stations, with remote controls that allows four other simultaneous users throughout the house to use the MMC as if only they were using it, without restriction (except only one TV can watch a DVD, due to licensing issues). I want one, very, very much.

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