1. Indefinite Detainment

    brian on 2003.04.01
    at 07:45 pm

    The Patriot Act is downright frightening. Here's an excellent example of why. A well known employee of Intel, Mike Hawash, was detained by federal authorities on March 20th 2003 and is held in solitary confinement in an Oregon Federal prison without a charge. His home, which was occupied by his wife and three children, was stormed by uniformed and armored FBI agents carrying assault rifles.

    Apparently Mike's only crime is being born in the territory of Palestine. Mike's been a US citizen for 14 years and wife is US-born, along with their children. I hope I don't look at an FBI agent the wrong way, or I could be next. Show your support for Mike and check out this website, dedicated to his plight.

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