1. Another updated topic. Alcoholic Batteries.

    jake on 2003.04.04
    at 05:36 pm

    As we mentioned earlier there has been strides in using ethanol to power a battery. Wired has also posted an article about the technology.

    "You can use any alcohol. You will be able to pour it straight out of the bottle and into your battery," said team member Nick Akers, a graduate student. "We have run it on various types. It didn't like carbonated beer and doesn't seem fond of wine, but any other works fine."

    There is still a ways to go for practical use.

    Minteer said the team is working on ways to increase their biofuel cell's power density. Currently the team's battery can produce 2 milliwatts of power per effective square centimeter. The average cell phone requires 500 milliwatts to operate.

    But it does seem promising. At least the researchers involved think so.

    Akers is confident the team will have a working prototype in a year, and that the finished product will hit store shelves a year later.

    I'd like to offer a toast... ;)

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