1. "All your base..." terrorist threat?

    jake on 2003.04.04
    at 06:12 pm

    Boing Boing pointed out an article at the Sturgis Journal where a bunch of kids were arrested for terrorist acts.

    Sturgis police arrested seven Sturgis men for placing more than 20 threatening letters on various businesses, schools, banks and at the post office. At least 12 signs were posted Monday morning. Another 20 were put up Tuesday evening, according to Sturgis police.

    The prank was for April Fools and involved signs referencing the "All your base are belong to us" geek joke.

    The "All your base are belong to us" are lines said by Cats, a bad guy in a 1989 Japanese video game. The poor translation to English led to its use by many involved in the video game culture.

    If you'd like to inform yourself, check out the links below.
    Official Video Site

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