1. Babatunde Olatunji dies at 76

    jake on 2003.04.11
    at 03:34 pm

    For being a drummer I'm not up on a lot of various music styles, well at least not on the people involved in them. Brian would probably be a much better candidate to deliver this post. But he's at work right now, so I will be default. I would have seen it earlier but Boing Boing's RSS feed has errors in it...

    Boing Boing reports that Babatunde Olatunji, the Nigerian drummer, died of complications from diabetes. He basically started the "world music" revolution. Though I have to agree with Xeni (from Boing Boing) who said, "Olatunji didn't make "world music," he played Nigerian music."

    Boing Boing post. (links to other sources too)

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    1. brian said on 2003.04.12 at 05:27 pm


      Honestly, I’ve never heard of the guy, and that’s actually why I didn’t post on the topic. I’m sure he’s important and I’m sad I didn’t know of him especially now, since he has passed on.

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