1. MySQL progressing towards powerhouse

    jake on 2003.04.11
    at 07:45 pm

    CNET has an article about the first ever users conference for MySQL. It highlighted the road plan for the future. Including version 5 which will be aimed towards the buisiness sector.

    The company also is promising a concerted push into the enterprise market with MySQL 5.0, which will build on some of the features in 4.1.

    This site is run on MySQL and I'm glad to see they're trying to take on the Oracle's of the world. I was also tickled by the reference to the projects mascot.

    And it wouldn't be an open-source gathering without a mascot. Sakila the dolphin was plastered on T-shirts, bags and notepads throughout the conference hall. MySQL's Axmark said the company chose the dolphin because it's fast, clever and good looking. "They also group up to kill sharks," he said.

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