1. Saab meets WRX

    brian on 2003.04.22
    at 03:35 pm

    Saab announces its new small and sporty 9-2 model, based on Subaru's legendary WRX.

    Anyone who knows me, knows why I'm posting this. My favorite all-time mark is Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebologat, or SAAB for short. My favorite all-time car model however is the rallye-bred Subaru WRX. Now since GM wholly owns Saab and partially owns Subaru (they own 20% of Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru's parent company), cool mixtures of cars that were meant to be (both Saab and Subaru share a lot of innovative ideas, and a rich rallye racing heritage) can now come to light.

    In turbo and AWD, we trust.

    So when's the electric hybrid motor going to become available in this model? ;-)

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    1. J. said on 2003.04.22 at 04:13 pm


      I was JUST about to get a 2004 WRX, too…

      I wonder if the 9-2 will encroach on the WRX STi’s territory? I know one is “entry luxury” and the other is “rally like hell” but… they’ll probably be in very close price AND market segment ranges.

    2. pimpkay said on 2004.12.20 at 11:22 pm

      9-2 on WRX?

      i ownder where did u get info, that 9-2 is based on WRX? i heard that is based on SAAB 9-3, just like my own saab 9-3 i purchased year aGO

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