1. Record labels try squeezing stone.

    jake on 2003.04.23
    at 03:51 pm

    Like in horror movies, two record labels are poking Napster with a stick to make sure it’s dead. Universal Music Group and EMI Recorded Music are going after Hummer Winblad in a lawsuit.

    The 23-page complaint charges that the Napster system, as conceived and implemented, “provided a safe haven for the rampant piracy of copyrighted works on an epic and unprecedented scale…Hummer Winblad knowingly facilitated infringement of plaintiff’s copyrights for its direct financial benefit.”

    Someone should do some market research and figure out that crappy music results in crappy sales. I still buy CD’s, when I like the band a lot, or I like the album a lot. Tha average person will not buy an entire album for $17.99 at the mall when they want one song. Sometimes buying a CD single is an option. But when an album has sixteen tracks, and they release only two, that’s fourteen tracks I might like. If someone wants only one of those fourteen, they’ll just download the song.

    That’s where the online music services can fill in. Too bad they’re just starting to get off the ground and instead of spending effort promoting the services heavily the industry is too busy with lawsuits. So all the public sees is a greedy conglomerate that rips off everyone. Consumers don’t like to deal with greedy conglomerates.

    To add to all the fun stuff going on, the plaintiffs are asking for the maximum $150,000 per infringement. So let me get this straight, I have U2’s One on my computer, I let my friend download the song from me. Wow, U2 just made $150,000. Oh wait, no they didn’t, the rest of the recording industry did.

    If you figure twelve tracks at $13.99 then the record industry as a whole, including the artists, makes about a $1.17 per song. That’s a lot less than $150,000.

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