1. Apple Music, part 2

    brian on 2003.05.03
    at 12:18 am

    I guess you can say it's been a successful launch for the first week of Apple's iTunes Music Store and the new line of iPods

    At the Apple Store "LIVE!" launch party Friday night, fans were lined up hundreds deep to get their hands on the new iPods. At least four registers were non-stop iPod customers for two straight hours after the store re-opened at 6pm. Many bought more than one. Also available was this hot new accessory from Timbuk2 which I'll be picking up tomorrow.

    In other news, Billboard is reporting...

    The service, which went live Monday, sold an estimated 275,000 tracks at 99 cents apiece in its first 18 hours, according to major-label sources.

    Our friends at As the Apple Turns (who have magically resurfaced this week) are ciphering that...

    Figure first of all that the iTunes Music Store was maybe ten times more active at its launch... an average day...27,500 songs sold in 18 hours, or 36,667 a day... conservatively estimate that Windows support will increase Apple's customer base, say, eightfold, and international support will double it. That comes out to roughly 586,000 songs sold per day (@ 99¢ each)

    While Crazy Apple Rumors is reporting on the rumored iTunes for Windows...

    ...based on strict adherence to Windows interface guidelines it will be required to suck 43.5% more than the Macintosh version.

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