1. Jellyfishing, Jellyfishing

    jake on 2003.05.07
    at 10:36 pm

    Scientists have clasified a large peculiar jellyfish discovered in the Pacific Ocean. New Scientist's article reports that the jellyfish was originally discovered in 1993. There is still much to learn about this creature. Someone grab me my net.

    Tiburonia granrojo was discovered using video cameras on deep-diving remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Its colour and shape set it apart from its other gelatinous relatives, but it has another unusual characteristic -- a complete lack of tentacles.

    Instead, the jelly has four to seven fleshy arms that it uses to capture food. While jellyfish species normally can be distinguished by the number of tentacles they have, the number of arms differs between individual big reds.

    Also Yahoo! News (Science) has an article about it too.

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