1. Finding Nemo

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 01:24 pm

    Inside Computer Graphics linked to this very interesting article about the new Pixar movie Finding Nemo and the technology involved in making it. It is apparently the cover story to the May issue of the magazine.

    The article discusses some of the creative aspects of the film. Such as having a 25-gallon fish tank with tropical fish nearby during production.

    It also goes into depth about the technical process and some of the new software and tweaking the developers did during production.

    [Oren] Jacob and his team first needed to create a suite of tools in the water arena. The most complex was the 3D water simulator, which allows water to interact with itself, such as when it crashes or crests, and also creates the necessary viscosity. "[For this], we expanded and modified Fizt, the fur and cloth simulator used on Monsters, Inc.," Jacob says. Martin Nugyn, John Anderson, David Baraff, Andy Witkin, and Apurva Shah were instrumental in writing the suite of tools for the 3D water simulation.

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out in a few weeks. It's even more complex than Monsters Inc. was.

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