1. Moving on...

    jake on 2001.12.17
    at 09:06 pm

    So now that I've gotten a job offer I'm going to work on this blog a bit... I've got a couple other things to do too, but hopefully I won't need to stress over sending my resume all over the state, so I'll get a bit more time.

    I've worked out some more development things that have to be done. Thus this will go live as version .04

    The next incarnation will be written a bit better from the back-end and in turn add a bit to the template system on the front-end. Hopefully I won't hit any crazy snags.

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  2. Job

    jake on 2001.12.17
    at 09:02 pm

    Boo yah!

    Well, after a bit of searching and a few interviews I was offerred a job today from Amphenol. While it's not solidified yet I am under the impression that they want me. I just have to wait till January when things calm down from the end of the year junk.

    Hopefully I'm not just getting yanked around.

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