1. Mozilla Mechandise Coming Soon!

    brian on 2003.10.21
    at 04:08 am

    Support la resistance starting 23 October by buying Mozilla merchandise! I'll certainly be there, will you? 'Zilla branded-trucker hats, anyone?

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  2. Fact Checking

    brian on 2003.10.21
    at 03:04 am

    A few days back, Gary Trudeau donated a strip of Doonesbury as a forum for a public service message, just the facts, ma'am. If you didn't hear, 69% of you need to read up.

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  3. Red Sox Haiku

    brian on 2003.10.21
    at 02:47 am

    Submitted without bias, Red Sox Haiku.

    I think its awesome that people are taking the emotion of sorrow, and transfer that into creativity. I hope there are more submissions.

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  4. Today's Financial Reading

    brian on 2003.10.18
    at 10:27 pm

    Americans aren't going broke over Lattes is the title of a Salon article which interviews a Harvard professor who studied the state of America's personal personal financial situation. Her conclusion? It's not consumeristic-overspending that's driving us into debt, it's our lending industry.

    This gives credence to my philosophy that three core industries should be mainly public/non-profit (much like higher education) Health Care, Insurance and Lending/Banking.

    The worst thing is that people are so ashamed of their bankruptcy, she says, that they don't tell anyone, not even family about their situation, and thus there's no political pressure to return the regulations to the industry, as there are in most first-world countries.

    [Link note, requires free day pass or subscription to read. I found it worthy of the minute of flash-based commercial. I hope that works out well for Salon.]

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  5. A City Silenced

    brian on 2003.10.17
    at 11:28 am

    After the events of last night, perhaps one of the greatest games of baseball ever --a 7th and deciding game to advance to the WorldSeries-- the city of Boston awoke in silence today, and move about as if in a daze. I've never seen the T so quiet on a Friday morning.

    Boston for once should not question what went wrong. Instead they should thank Grady Little and Theo Epstein for getting them to such a position with one of the best teams Boston has ever fielded. Everyone questions the decision to leave Martinez in, but it easily could have ended the same way with the bullpen to blame. The city should instead reflect on one heck of a season.

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  6. className saves the day

    jake on 2003.10.10
    at 04:18 pm

    the className pictureA couple things brought me to research this technique. One was that I wanted to be able to style things in the manner of Jeff Croft. You can notice that on his blog when you mouseover an entry the links highlight. Their color goes from a dark grey (the rest of the text is a lighter shade) to orange.

    The second was that a few web sites use the style display: block to create some fancy looking links. A couple of them are; Adaptive Path, and twothirty. Adaptive Path uses the technique to highlight two boxes towards the bottom left which contain pictures and some extra text besides just a generic link. On the twothirty page it is used to bring out their two primary services, website design, and web application interface design.

    I wanted to combine these two techniques because to add any block elements, like a form, inside the link tag would function, but not validate. And Jeff's nice little highlight feature uses the :hover declaration on something other than a link. This validates, but does not function on many browsers.

    I've seen something similar done using inline code and setting things like, but that destroys the whole notion of CSS. Also this would get even more unruly trying to style other elements within the text block.

    So... I tried using javascript but naturally all I need is someone turning it off, and the whole thing breaks down...

    Update: now I feel silly, just goes to show how testing throughly is a good idea. What I did is actually javascript, however, it cleans up the code a little. And the reason I didn't notice it at first was because I only turned off the javascript in Firebird. Firebird could still see the hover declaration and worked as intended. IE just stops all together. Oh well, maybe it'll still help someone out there.

    To view what the heck I'm talking about, I have set up a local page. I tried to give the code some structure, but if anyone has problems with figuring it out, I can try and clean it some more.

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  7. New $20's debut today

    jake on 2003.10.09
    at 07:05 pm

    US 20 Dollar BillThe new 20's are out today and are getting plenty of press. While I find the use of color a great addition I don't think they did enough with it. Two muted background colors along with a variation of the good 'ol green is not very exciting. I think we should go the way of the Euro and have a separate color for every bill. That, along with possibly different sizes can make grabbing money form your wallet an easier task. Did anyone see what Matt Murdock had to do in Daredevil?

    EU 20 Euro Bill

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  8. O'Reilly vs. NPR

    brian on 2003.10.09
    at 12:54 am

    Bill O’Reilly has a new book out. He did an interview with Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air to promote it. NPR has posted the entire, uncut interview on their site (WindowsMedia format). O’Reilly is claiming the interviewer attacked him, while weeks ago when she interviewed Al Franken (who wrote a satirical book taking figures like O’Reilly to task) she didn’t attack him.

    Well I listened to the entire interview, which O’Reilly claims is just another case of the liberal media’s bias, and I fail to see her attacks. She asked interesting questions about his personal beliefs about religion and state relations, Vietnam, his relations with his father, the environment, and other topics. Granted, she certainly doesn’t give him a free pass, nor did she attempt to sell his book, but I thought the interview was actually very good. While Gross took a congenial tone the entire time, O’Reilly assumed his typical rottweiler tone, even on the most straight forward questions, acting as if you don’t see things his way, then you are quite plainly a “pinhead.” O’Reilly’s childish antics ended the interview early, by taking his toys and going home. These can be heard past the 38 minute mark.

    O’Reilly got super defensive when Gross attempted to read an excerpt of a review of O’Reilly’s book that O’Reilly didn’t favor. This lead to his accusations of being attacked. Anything that disagrees with O’Reilly is a personal attack against him, which is “what’s wrong with this country” and you will be then labeled a “pinhead” on his show the next day. Oh, the irony. He really has no idea…

    By the way, only paying members can comment on O’Reilly’s site. that should ensure no dissenting opinions nicely. Sounds “fair and balanced” to me.

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  9. What is this "feel" you speak of?

    brian on 2003.10.07
    at 05:35 pm

    SF Gate Columnist: "Lick Me, I'm A Macintosh." What the hell is wrong with Apple that they still give a damn about design and packaging and "feel"?"

    Right on.

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  10. A Great Monday in Sports

    brian on 2003.10.07
    at 01:33 pm

    A great night in sports last night, an exciting finish to the Boston Red Sox Wild Card playoff series vs. the Oakland A's. The Red Sox won three straight games to come from behind and beat Oakland.

    The cover of the 7 October 2003 Boston Globe showing the Red Sox celebratingMeanwhile, while Boston was near riot in celebration, I watched the end of a seemingly boring end of a Monday Night Football game, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were handing it to the Indianapolis Colts. But with four minutes left, Indy gained new life, and made one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. A Classic.

    Wednesday brings a renewal of the greatest rivalry in sport.

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