1. Philip K. Dick in the news

    jake on 2003.12.02
    at 07:33 pm

    This month't issue of Wired Magazine has an interesting article about Philip K. Dick. He is the brain behind a few of Hollywood movies like Minority Report and Blade Runner and the soon to be released Paycheck. Though Hollywood takes some liberties with their adaptations... I was reminded of this because I read the late writer has an official web site.

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  2. Digital Sundials International

    jake on 2003.12.02
    at 07:27 pm

    Also Boing Boing pointed me toward this little gem this morning. A Digital Sundial. It uses two masks to display digits. It's also completely passive.

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  3. Haunted Mansion Replica House

    jake on 2003.12.02
    at 07:12 pm

    Boing Boing pointed me to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about Mark Hurt, a guy whole built his house to look exactly like The Haunted Mansion ride in Disney Theme Parks.

    Something frightful happens every time Mark Hurt turns on the cold water in his downstairs bathroom.

    The lights begin to flicker. A mysterious voice cackles, "Watch out for hitchhiking ghoooosts." And then, right on cue, a cadaverous ghost hovers for a few heart-stopping seconds in the gold-rimmed mirror above the sink.

    Don't forget the movie...

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  4. PS3 artwork making rounds as Sony concept

    jake on 2003.12.02
    at 05:50 pm

    PS3 artwork by Julien VanhoenackerThis is the first time I have first hand info that a concept piece is fake. It's more annoying than anything else. kanex at GFXartist created a 3D render with Rhino3D and Brazil of what he thought would be a cool looking Playstation 3.

    In the last 24 hours his work has been published in a few different places as a concept image from Sony. Sorry, but this image was created back in July by Julien and I think he should get credit. thinks it's not actually a concept image, but I'd just like to prove that it's not before it makes the rounds even more...

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