1. Thursday Night Schedule

    brian on 2003.03.12
    at 01:05 am

    9pm: Men's College Basketball Big East Tourney, (east #2 seed) Connecticut vs the winner of the Wed. night (west #3) / (east #6) matchup, ESPN.

    11:35pm: Late Show with David Letterman, hosted by Will Ferrell and guests include Chris Rock.

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  2. Links for today

    brian on 2003.03.11
    at 08:07 pm

    Sony CEO on Apple:

    We have the exact type of guy like Steve within Sony. His name is Ken Kutaragi. They respect each other. So maybe if we can get them both together then they could figure out how the PlayStation and the Mac can work together.


    X v XP for the creative pro. Seems pretty balanced. The lone forum post I read was a throwback to the "evanglelist" days of system flamewars which have mostly fanned out. Of course, it's hard to dispute the facts.

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  3. Speaking out

    brian on 2003.03.11
    at 07:45 pm

    The Beastie Boys have released a single today, available from their website, for free, protesting the pending war on Iraq.

    "This song is not an anti-American or pro-Saddam Hussein statement. This is a statement against an unjustified war."

    This is their first publicly released recording in 5 years, according to MTVnews. (Guess they don't count "Alive" via their "Anthology." )

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  4. Twins develop 3D face scan

    jake on 2003.03.11
    at 07:36 pm

    Israeli twins Michael and Alex Bronstein have developed a three-dimensional scanning system that can even tell the difference between them.

    The technology scans and maps the human face as a three-dimensional surface, providing a far more accurate reference for identifying a person than current systems, most of which rely on two-dimensional images, Kimmel said.

    This has applications relevent to security at airports and the like. But it can still be fooled by things like shaving or growing a beard. Perhaps if it is looking for someone in particular, they could lower the variables for a match. Bring a close match off for questioning, and further examination.

    Wired News

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