1. High tech nausea stopper

    jake on 2003.03.21
    at 06:29 pm

    I think I'm ready to try Dueling Dragons again. has a review of a new way to combat motion sickness.

    Though the trip ends up being about as exciting as watching a fishbowl (we saw just one tail and endured four hours of chilly sea spray), I'm pleased to know I can go thrill-seeking without losing my lunch.

    Next stop: the Matterhorn.

    The product is called the Relief Band and can supposedly stop many times of nausea. I might have to get one of these someday if it really works. As I get older, I find myself more susceptible to motion sickness. Guess that's what I get for making fun of my mom for all those years about her weak stomach. It is a bit expensive to buy on a whim.

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  2. Amtrak + WiFi

    brian on 2003.03.21
    at 03:48 pm

    I suppose you'd have to consider me a geek. Today, I wrote Amtrak south to Connecticut. What was my first thought after I sat down in my seat? Well, to "war-train" of course. What the hell is that? Simple. If "war-driving" is using a stumbling device to find WiFi hotspots while driving, then I would do the same with my iBook and "MacStumbler." So far, I've found a number of networks. Unfortunately, the train moves much too fast to actually use any of them (if it didn't, I'd never get to Connecticut). There were rumors about Amtrak adopting WiFi somehow, as a service to their passengers, but I can confirm that that service is not yet available

    I can confirm, however, that way too many people don't creatively name their access point. My log is full of "linksys" and "default." Tis all for now from the rail. (PS- I actually posted this from X. It's not like I posted it from the rail, per se. Though, I did actually type it there.) (PPS- If I had a cell provider that offered GPRS data service, I could have had internet connectivity via that and a bluetooth phone. Unfortunately, my provider is way too slow to catch on, and I'm stuck in a contract.)

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