1. 802.11n? Too bad it's a few years off.

    jake on 2003.04.14
    at 07:35 pm

    Gizmodo has a link to an article from 802.11 Planet. This article states that, based on an interview, a big jump in speed for Wi-Fi is being developed.

    The High Throughput Group is trying to deal with some of these issues. "We're talking true throughput here," says Kerry. "We've had proposals running at 108 Mbit/s and on up to 320 Mbit/s."

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  2. Support Required

    brian on 2003.04.14
    at 03:33 am

    I am no longer a student (tangent: perhaps I should be once more...) but if I were one, I would undoubtedly support Students for Orwell. You should, too.

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  3. Fun at the President's Expense

    brian on 2003.04.14
    at 03:11 am

    No, this isn't (directly) a commentary on our billions Bush is spending in Iraq. However, if you'd like a unique perspective on our President's mind, please see this piece in the New Yorker.

    The layout of the answers (you'll understand if you look at the article) is not very user friendly, but I'll give Mac OS X users this tip (will also work for certain *nix variants, they know it as "mouseover focus"). Go to the answers. Highlight and copy. If you're using a Cocoa-built browser (again, OS X only: Camino/Chimera, Safari, OmniWeb) select "Make new sticky note" from the Application Menu/Services menu. No Cocoa? Fire up Stickies and make one manually. Once you have the Sticky set, position it over the browser where you can read the story text, and where you can access the browser's scrolling widgets. (If the Sticky isn't over lapping the browser, this trick won't be nearly as cool.) Now with the Sticky in the forefront, hold the Command Key (the Apple) and attempt to use the browser's scroll widgets... they scroll the page, but don't bring the browser to the front, allowing you to continue to read the sticky! Kick Arse!

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