1. Reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird

    jake on 2003.04.30
    at 07:11 pm

    Blogzilla provides a link to an article describing many of the nifty features the browser provides. Of course with the name change and waiting for a new version to be released, Blogzilla points out, it might not be the right time to send this article off to Grandma.

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  2. 3D Crystal Ball

    jake on 2003.04.30
    at 07:02 pm

    Gizmodo has a link to an article about the 3D wonder. It is basically a monitor where a 3D image is displayed within a sphere. And it's under $40k not including installation.

    The monitor consists of a transparent volumous bulb in which a high-speed spinning "plate" revolves, displaying images from pixel points on its surface. This requires the ability to flip between images at extremely high rates of speed (especially at the outter edge), and requires massive bandwidth.

    Homepage of manufacturer.

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  3. Ren & Stimpy Coming Back

    jake on 2003.04.30
    at 06:47 pm

    TNN has three animation shows coming on June 26th. One of which is Ren & Stimpy. It is geared more towards adults, which most of the original audience now are.

    The page has a little blurb and a promo mpeg.

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