1. New 20 dollar bill to be revealed tomorrow

    jake on 2003.05.12
    at 07:38 pm

    Amazingly enough the only major change is the color. "Subtle" color to be exact. Where's the fancy stuff that other countries have? Besides the layouts they have now didn't help curve counterfeiting with the last redesign.

    The Secret Service says the percentage of counterfeit bills produced digitally has grown from 1 percent of bogus bills in 1995 -- before the last redesign -- to a whopping 40 percent in 2002. has an article about this.

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  2. Verizon to put WiFi on the street?

    brian on 2003.05.12
    at 02:41 pm

    According to a Yahoo News (Reuters) article, Verizon is investigating the placement of WiFi hot-spots in public pay phones for use by their subscribed broadband customers on the go. Pay phones have been somewhat obsolesced by the cellular phone, but this is an interesting idea of how a phone company could revive worth from their installed base of eqipment. Additionally, the story speculates that Verizon may not charge extra for the service, rather using it to increase their broadband product's value.

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  3. eBay scammers stopped by Mac community

    brian on 2003.05.12
    at 01:10 pm

    This story is a little out of date, and seeing how it got national press coverage (NYT, ABC, CNN) I'm not sure how I missed it. Never the less, the story is downright fascinating, and you should read how one angry Mac user turned to the Mac community for help when the FBI, Secret Service and Chicago PD turned their backs on him. Apparently the movie rights have been sold, so perhaps we'll see this on the silver screen soon...

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