1. Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD

    jake on 2003.05.10
    at 12:17 am

    The Indiana Jones Trilogy will be released on DVD November 4th. View a trailer with this information at

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  2. Baghdad for next art field trip?

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 05:11 pm

    New Scientist is reporting that a bunch of artifacts have been returned to the National Museum of Baghdad. We mentioned about how the art was stolen a few weeks ago after the initial taking of Baghdad.

    It is difficult to know exactly what has been returned and what is still out there. Many artifacts were never catalogued or photographed.

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  3. The blind shall see

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 04:18 pm

    Independent (from Gizmodo) and BBC News (from Blue's News)have reported on a clinical trial where they allowed a blind person to make out basic objects and light and dark. It uses electronics to pass information to a chip fitted over the retina. The subjects wore special glasses fitted with the video cameras that took the image that is sent to the chip. Guess I should stop saying I'm blind without my glasses.

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  4. My name is popular

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 03:59 pm

    Usa Today reports that in 2002 my name topped the list for most popular boys name. Of course that means even more moms calling out my name in department stores and confusing me.

    Jacob has been the most popular name for boys since 1999, when it ended Michael's impressive 35-year run in the top spot.

    Take that Michaels!!

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  5. Muppets are coming home

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 02:09 pm

    The family of Jim Henson has put in a successful bid to get back the rights to the majority of his creations. Sold to a German firm in 2000 called EM.TV the properties were threatened when the company began collapsing.

    article (from Boing Boing)

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  6. Disney Electronics

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 01:40 pm

    Boing Boing mentioned this yesterday. I noticed the phones a while ago, and saw the DVD (or) player and TV (or) last week in the Circuit City flyer. What I had no idea about, was that the premier design group Frog Design helped in designing these products.

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  7. Finding Nemo

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 01:24 pm

    Inside Computer Graphics linked to this very interesting article about the new Pixar movie Finding Nemo and the technology involved in making it. It is apparently the cover story to the May issue of the magazine.

    The article discusses some of the creative aspects of the film. Such as having a 25-gallon fish tank with tropical fish nearby during production.

    It also goes into depth about the technical process and some of the new software and tweaking the developers did during production.

    [Oren] Jacob and his team first needed to create a suite of tools in the water arena. The most complex was the 3D water simulator, which allows water to interact with itself, such as when it crashes or crests, and also creates the necessary viscosity. "[For this], we expanded and modified Fizt, the fur and cloth simulator used on Monsters, Inc.," Jacob says. Martin Nugyn, John Anderson, David Baraff, Andy Witkin, and Apurva Shah were instrumental in writing the suite of tools for the 3D water simulation.

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out in a few weeks. It's even more complex than Monsters Inc. was.

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  8. DNS Issues wreaking havoc

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 12:42 pm

    Yesterday the site started having problems because the DNS provider for our host screwed things up. I'm trying to resolve issues with this domain and default files, right now I will be posting all the things from yesterday I missed.

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  9. epaper making headway

    jake on 2003.05.09
    at 12:31 pm

    Wired and MsNBC both have an article that stemmed from The article showcases a flexible screen from E-Ink. It's fairly small and only does black and white. But it's a nice step forward.

    I mostly liked the electronic paper use in Minority Report, which I saw last week, for newspapers. I'm more interested in taking the ebook I've been reading mobile without printing it. And not on a tiny pda screen thanks, give me A4 or paperback size and that'll make me happy.

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