1. Lessig replies to Hatch: you're dumb.

    brian on 2003.06.18
    at 07:07 pm

    Lessig has replied to the suggestion made by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R, Utah) to allow copyright holders remotely destroy the computers of those they believe are illegally distributing their work. From the AP article:

    "No one is interested in destroying anyone's computer," replied Randy Saaf of MediaDefender Inc., a secretive Los Angeles company that builds technology to disrupt music downloads.

    "I'm interested," Hatch interrupted.

    To which Lessig replied,

    Can we bomb the offices of stock brokers thought to be violating SEC regulations? Or bulldoze houses of citizens with unregistered guns? Or --yes, this is good-- short the telephones of people who use indecent language?

    If so, looks like Martha would "go boom."

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  2. Harry Potter and Raincoast Books

    jake on 2003.06.18
    at 05:28 pm

    Boing Boing has a blurb about how in Canada they are printing the latest Harry Potter book on 100% recycled paper. While this is a very nice idea, more emphasis should be put on the publisher doing it. There is an entire movement to move production to be environment friendly.

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  3. CD money coming back

    jake on 2003.06.18
    at 04:56 pm

    A judge has ruled in favor of consumers. The recording industry will have to hand over a large sum of money to anyone who filed a claim. This result comes from allegations of price fixing in the music industry.

    The ruling, however, does not stipulate exactly how much consumers will receive or when the checks will be distributed. More than 3.5 million consumers filed claims, now estimated at $12.63 each.

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