1. Minis in Italian Job

    jake on 2003.06.05
    at 07:18 pm

    The new movie The Italian Job (original) is rampant with Mini Coopers. I'm a fan of the little cars and had to post this article.

    I'm interested in seeing this movie, but it delayed the release of the original on DVD last year. err...

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  2. Millipede bath for capuchin monkeys

    jake on 2003.06.05
    at 07:02 pm also has an article about how capuchin monkeys use crushed millipedes to keep other biting bugs away. Check out the picture there too, a monkey leaning on a stick.

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  3. Parasite masquerade

    jake on 2003.06.05
    at 06:48 pm reports on a bizarre parasite that uses its host as a suit.

    It's not just the parasite's dress-sense that is bizarre. Initially less than 0.1 millimetres long, the grub eventually grows to fill its host's body. Females spend their entire lives inside, pumping out new larvae. Fly-like males hover around, looking to mate with the small part of a female's body that protrudes from her host's abdomen.

    Many insect parasites eat other insects from within. If an insect detects an invader, it builds a tough capsule around it, cutting off its food supply and killing it. But Kathirithamby has never seen a twisted-wing parasite suffer this fate.

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  4. OLED on next iPod?

    jake on 2003.06.05
    at 06:17 pm

    According to Think Secret Apple is researching the use of OLED's on their next generation iPods. This will be cool application of the technology. It will also enhance the exposure of this technology. [from Gizmodo]

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