1. Exactitudes

    jake on 2003.06.06
    at 07:09 pm

    a contraction of exact and attitude

    Begun in 1994 Exactitudes is a photo project where the artists were inspired by the concept of similarities within social groups.

    I've always been amused by how even the social "outsiders" all look alike and act alike a thus are not actually as unique as they claim. When you can buy things that were obscure and commonly found at places like Salvation Army or made by your own hands at a store in the mall, the war is over. You have been assimilated into the Capitalist mainstream culture.

    Exactitudes [from Boing Boing]

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  2. Blocking adhesion in cancerous cells

    jake on 2003.06.06
    at 06:38 pm

    In mice they have successfully targetted a human protein to prevent the adhesion of cancer cells. This prevents cancerous cells from spreading to other parts of the body. It also helped reduce the size of the originating tumor in the mouse.

    Galectin-3 is known to play a role in cancer formation, particularly in promoting cell-to-cell adhesion. "The idea was to break that contact and inhibit secondary cancer formation," says Jarvis. So the team removed the key part of galectin-3 that normally allows cells to stick to each other. The modified protein also occupies the site on a cell's surface blocking normal galectin-3 from binding. This stops cells from adhering to each other.

    New Scientist

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  3. Business Card Cubes

    jake on 2003.06.06
    at 06:32 pm

    Nifty way to play with business cards. Fold six of them into a cube.

    Ned Batchelder [from Boing Boing]

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