1. Tech That Should Die?

    brian on 2003.09.30
    at 08:06 pm

    In the MIT Technology Review, Bruce Sterling takes ten technologies to task, and sentences them to death. Some of them are pure genius, but I'm not so sure he had his head on straight when he says "Newfangled electronic-parole monitors and ubiquitous computing offer plenty of opportunities." Well, that's nice but no GPS-equipped anklet is going to stop someone from assaulting or robbing another human being. In fact, this might not even be proper punishment for white collar crime.

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  2. Overheard at Coolidge Corner

    brian on 2003.09.30
    at 03:02 pm

    While attending to some morning errands, I saw a trio of stumpers at Coolidge Corner (corner of Harvard and Beacon Streets, for non-Boston-area readers), I overheard their mantra:

    "Stop the Cheney-SchwarzeNazi Recall Hoax!"

    That was an interesting start to the morning. Think what you may about the situation, but it isn't a hoax, it's happening.

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