1. Gutsy Editorial from Crawford, TX

    brian on 2004.10.21
    at 04:56 pm

    You may have heard that GWB's hometown paper has endorsed John Kerry for President. This week they wrote a follow up editorial on the reaction they've received. Apparently, their staff are receiving threats of bodily harm because of their editor's views. Classy. You can read all of the letters sent to the editors on their site.

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  2. Political Comment Spamming Strikes Us!

    brian on 2004.10.21
    at 03:01 pm

    Karl Rove's rogue mobs are attacking our site. One of his foot soldiers has made it to our little, Google-friendly blog. He cuts and pastes pre-made (probably not by himself, even) propaganda and posts it on totally unrelated blog posts, and then signs the huge, long thing:

    Richard Stewart
    22517 Winchester Dr
    Elkhart, IN 46514

    He's posted (and we'll delete) in "NPR and web standards" and "FOX News sues Franken".

    I've emailed him the following:

    Stop comment-spamming us. You're type of comment spam is the most un-American type. Ever heard of freedom of speech? You have an opinion? Start your own weak-minded, Google friendly blog, and stop fucking with ours.

    What do you think? Leave a legit comment below. We never delete on-topic comments, even if we disagree with them. See our Livestrong bracelet barter thread for proof. (FYI currently 3rd on Google for "livestrong band")

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  3. History Made. Sky still in place

    brian on 2004.10.21
    at 03:07 am

    If you follow sports, you already know history has been made, the Boston Red Sox have come back from a 0 - 3 deficit to win a best of 7 series. If you don't follow sports, basically, in the last 100+ years of major league sports in the United States, that's never happened. In fact, no one had even pulled even at 3-3 after being down 0-3. It's the greatest comeback in sports history. Period.

    A big congratulations to the Red Sox Nation. This should be a fun coming week in Beantown. If the place doesn't burn down in the process.

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