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  1. Looking for a miracle... Cameras4free.com

    jake on 2004.11.29
    at 10:40 pm

    Well actually, you could probably make a case for it not being a miracle considering I'm not looking for a 20D or something.

    Canon A95But just the same I'm taking a stab at getting myself a free Canon A95 from cameras4free.com. You simply sign up and take part in one "free" offer to give me a referral and start up your own bid for a free camera. Most of the offers are free trials, and you just cancel before they make you pay, not too shabby.

    Here's a list of the choices.

    There's also some bonus offers like a 512MB Sony memory stick or 512MB compact flash card or more money.

    I'm still using a 35mm SLR camera and would like a chance to play with something digital. Thanks everybody.

    Cameras4Free.com (From: Forever Geek)

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  2. Quick Complaint about Weather on the web.

    brian on 2004.11.26
    at 11:21 pm

    Why is weather.com so damn slow?

    I swear if Weather Underground weren't so ghastly ugly (and unblockable DHTML pop-on-top ads! There's a big F*U to your users!), if NOAA wasn't so blasé, I'd switch in a second.

    Of interest: NOAA's Experimental Graphical Forecasts. Still ugly, but innovative. Why do we still have monospaced 60's-era-computing-aesthetic fonts on the web? They belong in a museum.

    Lastly, creatively Boston.com autoloads NECN's video forecast into the weather.boston.com page. I can't imagine what it does to a dial-up user's experience, but at least they had the good sense to have the sound auto-off by default. Also, I object to WindowsMedia, but what am I expected to do? Would Flash video be lighter weight? And of course, I'd like to know when the stupid thing was recorded, and how often its updated. The current conditions (like most sites) cite when its information was culled, why not the video?

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  3. News about News

    brian on 2004.11.26
    at 10:11 pm

    Hello sports fans. Not much from me this past week or so, which is unusual, but it's been a very busy week! I have some news to pass along soon, and once things calm down a bit (two 7am shifts this week, thanks to the capitalist holiday today) I will return to a semi-normal posting schedule. Thanks for tuning in!

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  4. Screen Grab Confab II

    jake on 2004.11.24
    at 02:22 am

    Screen shot of rain web siteCameron's hosting a "screengrab confab." Thought we could participate. This is a screen grab of one of the projects we're working on.

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  5. Benefits found in simple antibiotic for poor HIV patients

    jake on 2004.11.19
    at 01:22 pm

    Helping suffering people in need is a very good thing. The drug, co-trimoxazole, “costs less than 10 cents per person a day.”

    I find it terrible that education in developing countries is still lacking. Hell I find that education is lacking everywhere. The numbers of HIV infected people even here in the US declined during the 90’s.

    Now that education is heading toward, just say no, without a lot of education, the rates are going back up again. Moving away from safe sex education toward no sex education is naive and ineffective. Kids are gonna have sex, just like their tight ass, right wing parents did in the back seat of a car. All you can do is tell them the truth and give them condoms and hope that you didn’t screw up being a parent. They need a reason not to have sex once hormones kick in. And “because I said so” or “because you’ll go to hell” doesn’t count.

    But a little more to the point of the original article, education needs to be spread in developing countries also. I viewed a show on HBO in 2003 (You can buy the DVD or a book about it too) where it was made clear that many of the sick are carted off like the Lepers of old and basically feared out of ignorance. Anyone remember Philidelphia?

    Let’s hope that the rest of the world can lead the spread of information since our government is so adament about supressing it.

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  6. Texas School bans opposite sex day

    jake on 2004.11.17
    at 07:46 pm

    A school in Spurger, Texas switched one of the days of spirit week because a dim witted parent complained and got The Liberty Legal Institute to back her. So much for liberty.

    Here we have a common gross generalization that gay individuals dress like the opposite sex being used to push the fight against the "homosexual agenda." What the hell is the "homosexual agenda?" As far as I can tell it's, "Hey! We want equal rights!"

    According to the tradition, boys and girls reverse social roles for one day during homecoming week. It lets the older girls invite boys on dates, open doors and pay for sodas. It also calls for guys to dress like girls -- and girls like guys.

    That doesn't sound anything like acting gay, it sounds more like gender reversal. Oh wait, that's what it is... This is pretty much like powder puff football games where the football team cheers from the sidelines and the cheerleaders play football. It's all in good fun.

    And the wonderful thing it was replaced with was "Camo-day," where you look like you hsould be carrying a gun. "I'm sorry sir, you can't wear that skirt, but here, put on these symbols of war."

    I'd go to school in pink camo if I lived there.

    From: MeFi

    Update: Retuers has an article about this with some details about the actual day. It also included a quote from the mom who started the whole thing.

    "It might be fun today to dress up like a little girl -- kids think it's cute and things like that. And you start playing around with it and, like drugs, you do a little here and there (and) eventually it gets you," Davies told reporters.

    Apparently Delana Davies thinks that by dressing up and acting like the opposite sex for fun will lead to the students doing it all the time, like a drug. I think Davies is on drugs. That is the most ludicrous thing I have heard in recent memory. Kinda one of those Lewis Black things.

    At least some of the kids are as rebelious as me.

    Despite the change from TWIRP Day, Hunt said some of the students stuck to the old tradition and wore clothes of the opposite sex.

    "I understand from the superintendent that some of the boys dressed in pink shorts anyway," he said.

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  7. Grey Album for the Eyes

    brian on 2004.11.17
    at 01:09 pm

    Can I get an encore?

    Someone has taken the time to create a music video for DJ Danger Mouse's Beatles White Album / Jay-Z's Black Album mashup.

    Beautiful. See it before the man shuts the art down.

    The Grey Video

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  8. Happy Birthday Re¢ently

    jake on 2004.11.15
    at 07:26 pm

    Wow, other than the fact that the first post really didn't say much (heck it even made some incorrect statements) we've been doing this here web site for 3 years.

    This all got started because Brian had noticed a few weblog type web sites that he was frequenting and keeping abreast of information. Back then you were really a geek if you had one of these things.

    We decided that we were big enough geeks to do something like this. And heck, neither of us had full time jobs at the time. So shortly after graduating I started writing up PHP code and hoping to make something that would be easy to use and expandable. We ended up with this place. It never really got rid of its rough edges.

    Although it did acquire more readers. For a while we were getting a few hundred a day. This month we're averaging over 1,000. And looking to double our 16534 unique visitors from last month.

    Now three years, and some Google tweaking, later we still have the same basic design. The code running the place has been updated multiple times and is getting more and more streamlined, but the frontend is not too exciting.

    I'm hoping in light of its third birthday we can update the look of this place a little and I can learn to write a bit better.

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  9. Change the Tone

    brian on 2004.11.14
    at 10:58 pm

    One of the things I love about NetNewsWire's beta is that it shows you what has changed in a feed if it's altered from its original form. For example, on Yahoo! News Presidential Politics AP feed, it posted this excerpt:

    AP - Nearly two weeks after John Kerry conceded the election and President Bush laid out his agenda, New Mexico has not finished counting its votes.

    But that was pulled and replaced with...

    AP - Nearly two weeks after John Kerry conceded the election and President Bush laid out his agenda, New Mexico is among several states that have yet to determine the winner's margin of victory

    What does that say about the Associated Press's editorial process?

    It adds clarity about the number of states in which voting issues remain. But, in the first one, whereas the blurb is very politics neutral, what do you think of the second one? In my opinion, it goes from neutral, to pro-Republican, because it seems to reinforce the message that "despite the serious and widespread questions left about the recent voting process, we should realize that all this work is just solidifying that Bush is your legitimate leader, there's no chance that these irregularities could have helped him in a significant way... or even tipped the scales towards him, even if the many of irregularities that occurred, happened in traditionally liberal districts, like minority communities."

    What's it say to you?

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  10. Internet Politics

    brian on 2004.11.14
    at 09:10 pm

    There's an awesome story about the Net effect on politics, written by Micah Sifry at The Nation.

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  11. Joyfully Wrong!

    brian on 2004.11.13
    at 12:15 pm

    A Snowy Parkman St in Brookline I love it when forecasters are wrong.

    Observations from the AccuWindow Weather Center in Brookline.

    A Winter Weather Advisory is in Effect

    As of 09:00AM, Currently about 30°F in Brookline with moderate but steady snow showers. One to two inches in accumulation. North winds 15-20 mph. Expect showers to taper off between 10am and noon.

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  12. So Long Audion

    brian on 2004.11.12
    at 12:17 am

    So Panic, one of my favorite software companies have posted the life story of their ground-breaking MP3 player Audio for the Mac in honor of its retirement.

    Sad for me a little, since Audion was the first piece of Mac shareware I ever bought. I more paid for the software to support Panic, a great company. When I had a question, the owner wrote me back directly. That's when I decided to pay up for something I could have used for free. Soon after, I also invested in Transmit, which is a staple of our web development.

    Read the story, if not just to hear the funny, interesting stories, and to see what type of company we here look forward to being one day.

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  13. Fix Voting

    brian on 2004.11.10
    at 01:55 pm

    On top of my repeated pleas for instant runoff voting, I also endorse these voting reforms in this NYTimes editorial.

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  14. Happy Birthday

    brian on 2004.11.09
    at 01:55 pm

    You can trust FireFox (as opposed to IE)Happy Birthday to FireFox 1.0, which goes live today. Of course, their site is an absolute mob scene right now, so good luck downloading it today. BitTorrent anyone?

    Coincidentally, this coincides with my 26th. I feel special.

    What am I doing on my birthday? Working. A closing shift.

    A Red-White-Red Courrier BagWhat am I getting for my birthday? Amanda is getting me a new Timbuk2 courier bag. For those of you who don't personally know me, I like cycling bags, so I am all smiles over this.

    The G5 PowerMacAdditionally, I'm considering getting a G5 tower to act as my home server and a central backup solution. All my drives are full. I can get a good price on a single processor 1.8, and I am debating making the plunge. This could be fun.

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  15. Good Stuff for your Mac

    brian on 2004.11.07
    at 05:08 pm

    NewFire is a cool, lite newsfeed reader for Mac OS XNeed a simple XML/RSS news feed reader? Check out NewsFire. Very pretty. Small and light. I'm never going to leave NetNewsWire for it, but its fun for light usage. And super-pretty.

    I've been usage sideTrack to enable scrolling on my touchpad and crtl-clicking, very cool, a little jumpy, but hey, its a hack. Also note, that conceptually, since its a kernel extention, it could cause issues w/ your system, or break when system updates come. Heads up, you've been warned.

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  16. The Bush/Cheney Mandate

    brian on 2004.11.04
    at 09:32 pm

    The Vice President –

    "President George W. Bush won the greatest number of popular votes of any presidential candidate in history," marveled Vice President Dick Cheney while introducing his boss. "President Bush ran forthrightly on a clear agenda for this nation's future, and the nation responded by giving him a mandate." (Via Washington Times)

    He forgot to mention that more people voted against the President than any incumbent in history. Does 55,435,808 votes for Kerry (and add in all the third party votes here) sound like a country asking for a more extreme, radical right-wing agenda than we've endured for the last four years? I think not. Will it stop them? Obviously not.

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  17. Someone thinks Kerry won.

    brian on 2004.11.04
    at 03:50 pm

    I was waiting for this. Greg Palast has written an article that says Kerry votes have been thrown out in OH, and NM in significant enough numbers to effect the outcome of the election. Take it as you will.

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  18. Electoral Maps

    brian on 2004.11.04
    at 03:03 pm

    A Red/Blue breakdown map of the US in the 2004 Presidential ElectionA lot of people are linking to this map in USA today, showing a red/blue breakdown of the country by county. I have a different take on it.

    This is the USA Today page from where the map comes from. I'm not sure what grey means. Note that the blue is where all the population is. Look at New York State, for instance. Easily blue, is in fact mostly red, 'cept a few university counties (center: Colgate, Ithica, Binghampton Syracuse), and NYC, which is hard to see in this graphic, because its geographically small, but people are stacked up on top of each other.

    Also, check out the one county of Idaho that went to Kerry – that's where Sun Valley is, where he has a home. Also, I've noticed that a lot of the scattered blue counties are near things like National Parks (Glacier in Montana, Yellowstone in WY, Grand Canyon in AZ, Black Hill of SD, Voyageurs in Minn, Isle Royal in the Upper Penninsula in Michigan). Is that not fascinating? Wouldn't these people know what's best for the environment?

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  19. Some more shockwaves from Nov. 2nd

    jake on 2004.11.04
    at 12:18 pm

    I'd like to add a few more bullets modeled after Brian's.

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  20. Three More Things

    brian on 2004.11.03
    at 09:54 pm

    • Dan Gillmor on the Next Four Years
    • Dave Weinberger on progressive problem points
    • I don’t think Hillary is going to appeal to the red states in 2008, or perhaps ever. The Dems want so desperately to recreate the Bill Clinton years, that they’re living in the past. The Democrats need desperately to rebuild and move on from the Clinton years. They need to look for new stars. Politics as usual will be beaten by the Republicans, they play the game better. The game must be fundamentally changed, and Dean was right to start sniffing up that tree…

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  21. Post Mortum

    brian on 2004.11.03
    at 09:47 pm

    We're dead for another four years. All I heard today from my friends here in Massachusetts (an American State, despite what our president insinuates) was "What happened?" "What's wrong with America?"

    Well, here are some points.

    • Kerry didn't successfully differentiate himself from George Bush to the disinterested crowd. As read elsewhere, a political scientist and an illiterate backward hick have the same voting power in the US (and the hick's got more if he lives in the right state), so a candidate has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Kerry is nuanced, and thus a nuisance to those who don't like think hard.
    • Terry McAuliffe sucks. He might as well be a Republican. Howard Dean is the only man who should be hired to chair the DNC. He's the only one with any resolve in the party. I want my country back, and there's little difference between the DNC and RNC right now, save that the RNC are organized and know how to win. They both play dirty, and I can't stand the thought of associating myself with either of them.
    • Americans are bigots. I used to think that we had moved on, but hatred and fear still rule the day in America. Case in point: how many states voted to discriminate against citizens upon sexual preference? Can someone please tell me how a gay couple effects my hetero life in the least?
    • Fear.
    • Ignorance. This speaks directly towards those who ignore the encroachments on their civil liberties in the name of security. Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.
    • Isolationism. Notice, with the exception of Florida (whose international politics are unique and the president's brother runs the show), all the states in the US who have significant contact with people from the rest of the world voted for Kerry. Notice these states are also the ones which make the majority of the GDP. The rest of the country wants to live in a bubble (PS- its us on the coasts that get attacked, while you vote to provoke more attacks– It'd be fine by me if they'd just start leveling buildings in Nebraska), and live off our dime.
    • Minutes after Kerry conceded, the White House asked Congress to allow the country to take on more debt, so the President can spend some more money we don't have. Who cares, he'll be dead while I'm paying it off.

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  22. Dems: Don't give in!!

    brian on 2004.11.03
    at 09:27 am

    Note to Kerry: Let this ride out, do not concede!! We don't need to have a President until January. COUNT EVERY VOTE. Fight! America won't fall apart if we don't know who the next President is for a month or two.

    UPDATE: They capitulated. Sissies.

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  23. Bush's Resume

    brian on 2004.11.02
    at 12:00 pm

    My friend Hux is hosting our president's resume and advertising it on his away message. Now he has a lot of people on his buddy list, but I'll link it here so a few more people may be able to see it, and perhaps even Google...

    President George W. Bush's Resume Highlights follow…

    I am the first President in U.S. history to enter office with a criminal record.

    I invaded and occupied two countries at a continuing cost of over one billion dollars per week.

    I spent the U.S. surplus and effectively bankrupted the U.S. Treasury.

    I'm proud that the members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in U.S. history. My "poorest millionaire," Condoleeza Rice, has a Chevron oil tanker named after her.

    I am the all-time U.S. and world record-holder for receiving the most corporate campaign donations.

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  24. Election Morning

    brian on 2004.11.02
    at 11:10 am

    Amanda and Brian Vote in Brookline, MAIt's Election day morning in Brookline, and I got up early to go vote with Amanda when the polls opened. It's safe to say that we voted for the candidate who lives only about 2 miles or so from us.

    Here are a few pictures. The first is Amanda and I at the polls, waiting in line, maybe about 20 minutes or so. Amanda will likely hate her half of the picture. Notice I am wearing a Red Sox hat. This is for two reasons: one, Kerry is a Sox fan, and the Sox have had good luck this year. Two, because if the Sox can win the World Series, anything can happen.

    Just after the polls open there was a 25 minute waitIn precinct one in Brookline, you vote at a Wheelock College building at 43 Hawes Street (one block off of Beacon St.).

    Incidentally, today (Tuesday) is trash day in my neighborhood. How appropriate.

    Oh, and sadly, my precinct was one of only two in Brookline not voting on whether to resist the USA Patriot Act. I would have liked to register my opinion on that particular topic!

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