1. MacMinute's RSS in-feed ads

    brian on 2004.02.20
    at 04:42 am

    MacMinute has begun putting advertising in their RSS feed. Previously, the feed was just the first few lines from a story. Now its a few lines, plus a complete ad, with link. I think it should be one way (blurb to pull me to the site to see ads, understandable) or the other (full post, plus ad to pay for it, understandable) but not both (blurb + ad... just not fair).

    What's your thoughts? Seen ads in your RSS feeds?

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  2. Truth, Perspective on the SUV

    brian on 2004.02.20
    at 04:01 am

    I won't sound off on the SUV. Simply read what I consider the objective truth.

    [It could do without the jab at the Macintosh, especially since the point is invalid: the iMac is not just the Mac that came before it repackaged. It was a revolutionary design setting the tone for computers for the next ten years. Not comparible to adding two more doors to a pickup.]

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