1. EFF Suggests Legit P2P Music Sharing for $5

    brian on 2004.02.27
    at 06:39 pm

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has produced a brilliant white paper (admission: I only read the "executive summary") on how the music industry can finally halt their barrage of costly litigation, in exchange for a phenomenal opt-in revenue stream, and the legitimization of music downloads over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

    Their idea stems from history: when the music industry thought radio was the pirate du jour, and set up a mechanism for getting paid from that industry, and excluding any necessary legislative acts.

    Best parts:

    • US$5 per month for unlimited P2P use.
    • Opt in: if you don't download, you're not penalised: other ideas have included taxes on blank CDs... which penalize people who may not be downloading music... making everyone foot the bill for someone else's collection habits.
    • No new laws, no new lawsuits.
    • Lifting murky legal issues would allow the downloading technologies to really refine themselves.

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  2. Good News in Small Packages

    brian on 2004.02.27
    at 04:22 am

    Lest you think I only complain about how bad things are in American politics, here's a more uplifting note. Scientists, regular people, even small children around the world are creating solutions to age old issues (irrigation and water purification, for example) with smaller, low-tech inventions. Best off all they're cheaper and more efficient than those that came before, with less non desirable side effects. Check out "The Big Promise of the Small — small-scale technology for solving water shortage problems".

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  3. The Worst Kind of Propaganda

    brian on 2004.02.27
    at 03:45 am

    Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series.

    ...government agencies have rallied their resources and support behind the vision of DHS--The Series, including President G. W. Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who both endorse and contribute sound bites to the introductions of the series."

    When asked to elaborate on Bush and Ridge's involvement, show representatives told E! Online, "They love it. They think it is fantastic,"

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