1. Personal ways to reduce air conditioning costs

    jake on 2004.04.19
    at 05:44 pm

    This doesn't quite work for me since I live on the first floor of a house as an apartment. But a study done a while ago points out how doing things like changing the roofing of your house can reduce your cooling costs.

    From good 'ol Boing Boing

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  2. Live from 1 Infinite Loop

    brian on 2004.04.19
    at 02:19 pm

    I'm blogging from the lobby of the beautiful Apple Campus in Cupertino. Nothing yet to report. I'll check in later.

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  3. Silicon Valley Bound

    brian on 2004.04.19
    at 02:18 pm

    From yesterday,
    Greetings from 31,000 feet above America's heart land. The "fly-over states" as they say, and that's true for me, at least today. I'm on my journey to the mecca of high tech, Silicon Valley. The first leg of my journey was Boston to Los Angeles. I've just completed my in flight dinner, which was better than the last time I ate on plane, but that was four years ago.

    The iPod has been an exquisite travel companion. Phish's December 29th, 2003 show from Miami is great travel music. Steve Garrity had suggested Postal Service's "Give Up" as a great choice, after his last sojourn to San Francisco. They have a particularlly fitting song called "Recycled Air." Maybe further on in my travels.

    The in-flight movie is underway, Paycheck with Boston-native Ben Affleck. Unfortunately, I'm going to have a hard time keeping the movie straight, because our row is having electrical difficulties. First, my neighbors couldn't plug in their dying ThinkPads to DC power (via cigarette-style connections on this Boeing 737), and now our headset connections are on the fritz to say that least. One channel at a time, at best, and a persistent beeping in the ear. Much like an electric metronome. Perhaps like Ben Affleck's character, they're trying to erase my memories of a bumpy six hour flight, that had electrical difficulties. Actually, I don't think I'd miss those memories much.

    The flight's gotten bumpier, so I'm guessing we've hit the Rockies. I'm also out of stuff to talk about.

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