1. Stem Cell Research Myths

    jake on 2004.06.01
    at 06:01 pm

    Ever since I read this essay last week in Time magazine I put it in the back of my mind to find an online version for mass consumption. So without further ado.

    The False Controversy of Stem Cells

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  2. O'Franken Factor

    brian on 2004.06.01
    at 04:57 pm

    Today is the first time I've listened to The O'Franken Factor, on AirAmerica, an answer to the right-wing view point that rules AM Radio (and FM-Talk, as the genre now has some FM stations). Oddly enough, Franken's show doesn't play in the Boston market. Isn't Boston a "liberal haven?" The capital of "Taxachusetts?" Oddly enough, the local talk radio landscape is made up of 96.9 Right-wing Talk (they do get points for carrying Imus, however), and WBUR, one of the local NPR affiliates (which contrary to some opinion, is not a liberal power. They do host Boston-based Car Talk, however.)

    As expected, the show is entertaining. Even if you're not liberal, it's fun because Franken is funny. You can tune in at, using the Real Player, even if it doesn't play on your local airwaves. Got to love the internet. Well, there's something that could get better... it could be QuickTime. ;-) Actually, the quality has been very good, the best experience I've had with Real products. Also, if you have satellite radio, AirAmerica plays on both XM and Sirius networks, or soon, the audio will be on Dish Network's digital music selection.

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