1. Dave Going Digital?

    brian on 2004.06.25
    at 02:43 pm

    This rumor at Digital Music News says Dave Matthews Band will soon release its catalog in digital format to digital music stores.

    The rumor says the roll out will make the downloads album-only, which theorhetically excludes the only store to get downloads done right: iTunes. It also mentions "involve a tie-in with a major electronics retailer." Strike two for iTunes.

    I would hope for two things: 1) iTunes, obviously. I feel its best for most music fans. 2) High-quality downloads (lossless: FLAC, SHN, AL) like Phish does via Live Phish, for audiophiles. And people, like myself, who just think they are.

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  2. The enemy you know or don't know

    brian on 2004.06.25
    at 02:03 pm

    Unchecked police and military power is a security threat; the title of an article with simple premise. Protect your rights, or we have nothing left to defend from terror. Here's two quotes, the first from the article, the second, a historical one.

    In 1985, retired Naval officer John Walker was caught spying for the Soviet Union; the evidence given by the National Security Agency was enough to convict him without giving away military secrets.

    More recently, John Walker Lindh -- the "American Taliban" captured in Afghanistan -- was processed by the justice system, and received a 20-year prison sentence. Even during World War II, German spies captured in the United States were given attorneys and tried in public court.

    They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.
    -- Benjamin Franklin

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