1. Facinating: Truth or Fiction?

    brian on 2004.06.29
    at 06:20 pm

    I can't write up something to do this story justice, you just have to read it for yourself. The author basically contends the Bush administration is going down, but not in the elections, but via impeachment. But better than that, the CIA will be leading the charge in presenting evidence of the administration's illegal actions. I don't care if this is true or not, it's more entertaining that Alias! (and that's my favorite show, mind you.)

    The article is entitled, "COUP D'ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA on June 3rd and 4th: Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming.

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  2. Views of Boston

    brian on 2004.06.29
    at 06:12 pm

    I've released my latest set of pictures, a pictorial of my bicycle commute along the Charles River, and a few bonus pictures of the Brookline Farmer's Market. Enjoy.

    Boston Views: The Charles and Brookline Farmers Market

    Update: At the time of posting, according to Apple, "All .Mac services are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience." If you get nothing from the above link, you can see the status of the dotMac realm here.

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