1. A star is born

    brian on 2004.07.28
    at 01:38 am

    As Chris Matthews said, "Tomorrow morning everyone will know the name Barack Obama." Indeed, a star is born in the Democratic party tonight. Have a look at the text of Obama's keynote speech from tonight. People will certainly remember tonight as the launch of this star into the stratosphere.

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  2. Day two from the DNC

    brian on 2004.07.27
    at 09:50 pm

    Still in Boston, still not at the DNC, but that won't stop me from reporting! Traffic today again was light, although I am seeing a certain increase in bicycle commuters, not huge, but noticeable. My traffic reporters say their traffic coming from north of the city is the lightest they've ever seen. The "sky is falling" traffic warnings have scared traffic off the roads. Are they on vacation, or on alternate transit? If so, let's hope this whole affair encourages good habits! In other news, a T rider reports his ride in as "easy" as well. Go figure.

    In other news, Amanda attended the event at the Royal Sonesta featuring Gov, Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Robert Reich and others. She was impressed. But it was somewhat progressive-tilted event, so it played to her tastes. She doesn't think Howard will be using the same speech tonight. In other news, she said Michael Moore was late to the event. That's because he was at the Starbucks down the mall from me. One of our managers spotted him there. Many of us at the store didn't picture MM as a Starbucks drinker, but then we figured despite some's desire to bash Starbucks, but they would be the least corporate place to get coffee in a mall. That, and it's the only place for coffee on that side of the mall.

    That's all to report for now. Updates later...

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  3. BugMeNot

    brian on 2004.07.27
    at 09:39 pm

    A blessing. Bug Me Not. Allows you go to sites that are registration-only access, most notably the New York Times.

    Don't miss the bookmarklet on the front page which you can have in your bookmarks bar and fire up when you hit a registration site. The bookmarklet will query the BugMeNot database for the site you're at, and show you a user name in a pop up window for instant access. Beautiful. Also, Mozilla/FireFox extensions for similar usage.

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