1. Cross Country Pictures Take One

    brian on 2004.08.31
    at 02:58 am

    The summer lull in posts here at the Recently compound was in large part due to my trip across the continent for two and one half weeks with Amanda. (The other part is sheer Jake-laziness ;-) j/k)

    As for that trip, I've posted the first 150 pictures online for your viewing pleasure.

    B&A's Cross Continent Trip

    If you were expecting an email with this link, and you're a personal friend, you'll get one soon enough, but I'm more surprised you're reading our site. I didn't think I personally (that is, in the flesh) knew any of our readers...

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  2. Best ad of the Day

    brian on 2004.08.31
    at 01:30 am

    Seen in a Boston bus stop:

    Guiness has only 125 calories. Not on purpose.

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  3. Freak accident, cousin hit by boat

    jake on 2004.08.30
    at 03:12 pm

    I just got a call from my mom with an update to her cousin's condition. (my second cousin? I never remember how that stuff works) Some background, on Saturday evening around 6:30 my cousin was swimming in Rogers Lake in Old Lyme, CT and was struck by a power boat. He was pulled out and Lifestarred to Hartford Hospital. The problem was not being struck by the boat, it was being unconscious under water for over five minutes.

    After family members resisting the doctor's idea to pull the plug yesterday morning he opened his eyes yesterday and responded to simple commands like, "move your hand." So while he's not totally ok, hopefully it'll just be a matter of rehabilitation and he'll pull through.

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