1. Alias in hiding

    brian on 2004.09.11
    at 02:15 am

    If you, like me, love the ABC show Alias, then you were probably wondering when it's fourth season would be starting up. Well, it won't be on again this year. The start of the fourth season will air in January 2005, and will have no reruns. Much the way some cable shows have been aired, for example, The Sopranos. Apparently, since much of Alias is shot on location, it's easier to get them all taped first, then air them.

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  2. Bush Docs Probably Authentic

    brian on 2004.09.11
    at 12:49 am

    Looks like CBS did their fact checking well. Despite a weblog entry that claimed CBS's papers documenting the strings that got pulled for the President in the Texas Air National Guard were forgeries...

    There's an excellent debunking of the forgery claims here.

    So, let's all go back to believing we now have evidence of what we previously had only strong suspicions: that our President is a slime ball.

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  3. More trip pics

    brian on 2004.09.10
    at 01:14 pm

    A while ago, I posted a link to the first of my cross continent road trip pictures. Now I've completed the task, putting 343 pictures online for your viewing pleasure.


    My Cross Continent Pictures

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