1. The Greatest Failure of National Defense

    brian on 2004.09.03
    at 02:40 am

    Here in 2004, George W. Bush is running for reelection on a platform of tragedy—the single greatest failure of national defense in our history, the attacks of 9/11 in which 19 men with box cutters put this nation into a tailspin, a failure the details of which the White House fought to keep secret even as it ran the country into hock up to the hubcaps, thanks to generous tax cuts for the well-fixed, hoping to lead us into a box canyon of debt that will render government impotent, even as we engage in a war against a small country that was undertaken for the president’s personal satisfaction but sold to the American public on the basis of brazen misinformation, a war whose purpose is to distract us from an enormous transfer of wealth taking place in this country, flowing upward, and the deception is working beautifully.

    -Garrison Keillor.

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  2. Bush's Speech

    brian on 2004.09.03
    at 02:27 am

    Wonderfully delivered Trash. Bush's speech was clearly the best of his life. Some wonderful prose, and a whole lot of unbacked up crap with tasty frosting on top.

    Even if you don't like his policies, he says at least you know where he stands.

    I know where he stands, and I'd rather take my chances with "the unknown." (Although we all know that JFK is no traitor) Let me also point out, for all the times he mentioned the word "peace," let us not forget he's responsible for thousands of deaths, both American soldiers, and tens of thousands of civilian Afghans and Iraqis.

    John Kerry has seen death too, except in person. And in my opinion, he's much more dramatically more qualified as to the judicious use of force.

    America, the choice is clear. The madness has to end this November. America, STEP UP.

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  3. Mount iMac

    jake on 2004.09.02
    at 07:24 pm

    iMac VESA mount adapterWell I am surprised that Brian hasn't said anything about the new iMac yet. I originally had to let it sink in before I made any comments. Then yesterday I realized that the functionality of the new iMac is diminshed. It may be faster, but it's tied down to that stand similar to the new displays. This was reinforced by a fellow employee who explained how his kids love moving the monitor around on their older machine almost just for fun, but also for function when showing something to mommy and daddy.

    I thought, it would be great if you could stick it on a wall, use a wireless keyboard/mouse and save even more desk space. Plus it could be a pretty hot picture frame when not in use. ;)

    What was Apple thinking?!?

    But today I discovered that, even though it adds to the price, you can get a VESA compatible mounting bracket at the Apple Store to stick the thing either on a wall or an articulating arm, also like the new Cinema Displays. Awesome! Too bad I can't just blow money on stuff like this.

    What does everyone else think of the new design?

    From: MacMinute

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