1. Weaken U.S. Endangered Species Law?

    jake on 2005.01.10
    at 07:47 pm

    Although not all laws are perfect, I find it troubling that a bunch of greedy assholes are interested in damaging the U.S. Endangered Species Law. It might benefit from some tweaking, but naturally big industries want to damage its effectiveness.

    But Ralph Morgenweck, regional director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, argues that rules are strict because a species is not listed until it is at death’s door. “The species are in bad shape. They didn’t get that way overnight and it will not go in the other direction overnight,” he said.

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  2. Random Links

    jake on 2005.01.10
    at 05:21 pm

    • I noticed on the Superficial a funny spoof of The Ashley Simpson Show.
    • The site that linked to that originally also had a link to a video of the 4-year old drummer. His fills could use a little work, but in general he plays very well for someone his age. He could be cool when he’s older if he doesn’t get full of himself. Otherwise I’ll have to start referring to him as “The Mediocre 34 Year Old Drummer.”
    • Gizmodo relays us to some interesting features on Hacking Netflix about adding profiles to user accounts. It has many benefits but I wonder if they thought about pushing movies up the queue if multiple profiles (family members perhaps) request a movie. I’m kinda excited to switch over from my Blockbuster account which I got while trying to barter referrals for my Free Camera
    • Unleashed is a new movie starring Jet Li, Bob Hoskins, and Morgan Freeman, looks pretty cool. Too bad Li spends the movie trying not to kill people. ;)

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