1. Explorer Destroyer

    brian on 2005.11.10
    at 08:03 pm

    The authors of this blog wish to bring to your attention:

    Explorer Destroyer

    Heehee. And don’t miss its sister site, Kill Bill’s Browser. which is a checklist of the best reasons (in their opinion) to leave IE. I laughed out loud at reason number eight.

    We will not be employing any draconian devices to entice our readers to not use Internet Explorer. We support the use of any web standards compliant browsers, especially ones derived from open source projects.

    Personally I spend most of my time in Safari, with the rest of my time split between Camino (for you Windows users, that’s a Mac-only derivative of Firefox) and Firefox. I usually use the original Firefox when viewing image-intesive websites so i can use its Linky extension. I also use the Web Developer’s Extension toolbar for design and development.

    So if you haven’t got the gist yet, and you use Internet Explorer… get a clue.

    And tabs!!

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  2. Open Letter to Trey

    brian on 2005.11.10
    at 07:15 pm

    Album Cover of Trey Ananstasio's 'Shine.'

    Dear Trey, *

    I’m writing you on my blog because you have no contact information at your website. Also, the topic of my letter is one that’s in the public eye at the moment.

    I’m very interested in buying your new solo album, Shine. However, I was very disturbed to learn that it is at the center of the Sony/BMG rootkit scandal.

    Read on to see why Brian won’t be purchasing Trey Anastasio’s lossless digital music when it employs sneaky malware that cripples his fair use rights.

    Read More

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