1. Happy Birthday Re¢ently!

    jake on 2005.11.16
    at 12:17 am

    I’d just like to point out that it was four years ago today that Brian and I started writing this weblog. We’re up to almost nine-hundred posts and I’m counting down the days till I can make an announcement of our one-thousandth post.

    Brian and I have been a little busy to finish off a reworking of the site. I’m a fan of Cameron Moll’s concept, but not buzz words. We’re planning on reworking a bunch of things but not just for the heck of it. We want to improve. We do not want to make everything flashy. We fall under the aligning group but I don’t think you’ll see me use that word again unless I’m talking about text.

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  2. Local News Blog

    brian on 2005.11.15
    at 04:35 pm

    Local blogger Lisa Williams, author of H20Town has a great write up on her experience producing the local news site for fellow suburb Watertown. Long and interesting. Love to see someone with this kind of time start up in Medford. It certainly could help newbies like myself learn more about my surroundings.

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