1. Winter Desktops

    brian on 2005.12.22
    at 05:24 pm

    Winter is my favorite season. Pray for Snow!

    Today, I went and grabbed some images from the web for my desktop. Inspired to look by my blushing (soon to be) bride, I found some great images of Montana under snow from Chris Lombardi via Flickr. I combined these with three from Mike Matas (all in the corporate family, I suppose). And one image of a lit (Maple?) tree from Canada from a gentleman who posted in the winter tag.

    Thanks all.


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  2. F* the what now?

    brian on 2005.12.22
    at 04:36 pm

    From the father of “Fuck the South” comes a biting sequel, F* Christmas. OK, I’ll admit. I’m not a church-goer, but I just couldn’t actually type it out.

    That didn’t prevent me from reading it. LOL.

    Go forth and read. It’s not an attack on Christians nor Christianity. It’s an attack on the “Oppressed Christians” who live in our cruel secular nation. Good thing they have the ACLU to protect them.

    Oh, wait…

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