1. Boston Radio

    brian on 2005.02.24
    at 02:23 pm

    Dear GBH,

    You’re a great organization. I admire your work greatly. TV, radio, internet, educational. I’ve applied to work there, even, in the past. Top notch. However, I have a few requests.

    One, for a town as rich in musical culture as Boston, I find it hard to believe that there’s no full-time Jazz radio station. Maybe you have market data that says that offering it only at night is best, but it makes me sad. I consider its absence a nick in our area’s cultural standing.

    One and a half, have you checked out Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current? It’s mostly modern and eclectic music. 24hrs. I really enjoy listening to it over the web (via great sounding aacPlus format) and am considering making a donation to MPR.

    Two, I’d love to see downloadable shows (aka “podcasts”) so I can listen to public radio when I don’t have a radio near me (almost never) but when I have an iPod (almost always). Note, streaming audio does not count. I then have to be attached to a computer and internet connection. The idea behind downloads is mobility. I’d certainly donate a respectable sum to GBH if they made their programming available in a time-shiftable, easy to obtain and listen to way. Right now, I cannot listen to enough GBH to make a donation worth while on my budget. Quality downloads would change that.

    Now granted, GBH doesn’t produce all the programs I enjoy on public radio, but here’s a list of public radio programs I would listen to (and in return pour donations into my local stations) if I had the chance:

    • Car Talk
    • A Prairie Home Companion
    • Motley Fool
    • Marketplace
    • Says You
    • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

    Looking through the lists of shows on various public radio sites, there are several that sound good, but I’ve never heard before. Downloads would allow me to sample them.

    I would suggest the AAC format, since it sounds best for the size, but for full compatibility I’d offer an MP3 download as well.

    It’s once again time for GBH to blaze the trail in public broadcasting.

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  2. Bikes in the Wilderness

    brian on 2005.02.19
    at 11:25 pm

    If you’re not up on US environmental law, you may be surprised to hear that although mountain bikes are allowed in the nation’s crown jewels of public lands, National Parks (albeit not on singletrack or hiking trails), mountain bikes are banned from national lands that are regarded as Wilderness.

    The short reason is that the current keepers of the wilderness, a number governing authorities including National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, anyone else… are currently interpreting the 1964 Wilderness Act where it says it prohibits “all forms of mechanical transport” as including human-powered bicycles.

    In the 60s there were no bicycles rugged enough to ride on non-maintained roads. The term “mechanized” meant powered by non-human, non-natural engines (a mechanized division in the Army would be a division of tanks and trucks, etc).

    However, it seems that now that there are bikes that can operate on the existing trails and roads, they are collateral damage in the protection of our nation’s wild lands.

    One man has written a legal brief on the situation and argues that it was the act’s original intent to allow bikes in the wilderness. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Mr. Stroll.

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  3. Stewart on Blogging and Josh Gannon

    brian on 2005.02.19
    at 10:45 pm

    1. Watch Jon Stewart on Blogging
    2. Laugh ass off.

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  4. G5 No Audio Fix

    brian on 2005.02.14
    at 12:05 am

    A friend of mine and I both run G5s (he a dual 2.5, me, a single 1.8) and we both run a lot of media. We both mysteriously lost all audio on our systems. We had a strong suspicion that it was a software issue. Our systems would chime at start up, so we knew the hardware was working.

    After digging through Apple’s Discussions Boards (the proper second place, after searching Apple’s Knowledge Base , to start all your diagnostic journeys) I found a hint… that there was a bug in VideoLan Client 0.8.1 causing a simliar issue on G5s

    After some digging my friend and I both found the cure in this tweak of VLC

    1) advanced options->modules->audio output->coreaudio – set to audio output value to 1. 2) Quit VLC (important). 3) Open Apple system prefs > sound > output section. 4) Physically unplug stereo line out cable from back of G5. 5) Plug stereo line out back in to G5. Note ‘Line out’ appears in device list as it is automatically detected by g5. 6) Click to select Line out with mouse. 7) Quit sys prefs and launch VLC, sound should be working now.

    Hopefully, if you’re having this glitch, this post will help the findablility of the fix. Whether this bug will be squashed by the hardy devs at VLC is in question, by the sounds of it, there are no OS X VLC devs with G5s to test it.

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  5. Too many tabs

    jake on 2005.02.09
    at 02:23 pm

    I really need to restart my machine after downloading all those updates at work… So before I do that I thought I’d throw out a bunch of tabs that don’t require they’re own post.

    • Lampoon’s ‘Blackball’ Tests Film Release Standards – in an interesting move they are releasing the DVD of the movie 4 days after it hits theaters. We’re almost to ““Instant cassettes”:” Naturally it makes more sense to buy a DVD of a movie for $15 when it costs $10 a ticket at the theater. Movie studios don’t necessarily need to do this. But they defintely need to evaluate their practices. With all the previews and commercials… God… it drives me batty…
    • Chris Noth returning to ‘L&O’ fold – Sweet, I always was a fan of Detective Logan. Even if it is on a sister show it’s nice to see an old character come back.
    • Secure wireless email on Mac OS X – If you like your email secure it’s a nice extension to Brian’s Tutorial
    • Boy’s drive steers attention – Man this kid is determined. I probably would have just cried if my parents took away my video games when I was 4. From: joystiq

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  6. MPR's The Current a Keeper

    brian on 2005.02.04
    at 06:00 pm

    Been listening all day to MPR’s The Current.
    It’s a keeper.
    Yes, MPR means Minnesota Public Radio. The Current is a station they’ve just started up with current music. Lot’s of genres, and no commercials. Occasional mention of what’s going on around St. Paul. No DJs talking over music, and only intelligent commentary. A great station to tune into for the working hours.

    Side note: the internet feed runs the new aacPlus format, that currently is only supported in VLC. That’s a gutsy choice, but it sounds awesome and the network overhead is tiny. Can’t wait to see this format adopted in more mainstream players, like iTunes. Proof once again MPEG-4 is the future of audio and video.

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  7. Warner and Verizon look to fleece customers more.

    jake on 2005.02.01
    at 01:23 pm

    Engadget is letting us know about a new arrangement between Verizon Wireless and the Warner Music Group. The basic premise doesn’t sound too bad. Using their new VCast service you can download video clips for $15 bucks more a month.

    The real kicker is that that’s only for basic content. $15 bucks just to get some news clips. To get the “premium content” you have to pay more. Now $3.99 might not kill you to download a game, but they actually expect you to pay that much for a music video. A music video? I realize that MTV doesn’t show them anymore ;) but you can download music videos all over the place for free. The whole thing about MTV is that it’s publicity. Your video is shown in heavy rotation and just like on the radio you hope that it increases record sales. Who in their right mind would pay $3.99 just to put a music video on their cell phone?

    I’d much rather just make the clips myself and put them on my phone, though I often wonder how much fun watching The Daily Show would be on a 1.5” screen, Verizon has already proven they just want money. In fact I may jump ship when my account is up this year…

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  8. Mmm...

    jake on 2005.02.01
    at 12:28 pm

    Matt Biddulph has done a couple cool things with

    The first involves a simple tool that checks your account for similar words. This can be used to weed out similar keywords you may want to merge. For example, I had both ““font”:” and ““fonts”:” in my list. I took out “fonts” and just left “font.” Now I don’t need to look in both places when searching for the site I tagged.

    The second is a bit more complex. Using he has created a lateral reference demo of the BBC Radio 3 site. Once a page is tagged a list of the tags appears below the article. And below them a list of related articles. In his example he tagged an article with ““cello”:” and related articles from that the BBC Radio 3 site pop up for viewing.

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