1. I'm sorry sir, that's disgusting. I can't let you off with a warning.

    jake on 2005.03.15
    at 07:32 pm

    VW Gen IV GolfI don’t think I’ve gotten a parking ticket since college. A speeding ticket yes, but not a parking ticket. Scratch that, I got a whopping $10 parking ticket while going to the print shop to make copies of my portfolio to send out.

    Well the other night I got a parking ticket in New York City. The only problem being, I haven’t driven through NYC since last summer. And I never left the car when I did that.

    But apparently my Golf was parked on 2nd Ave. at 3:15 in the afternoon. Nevermind me working or anything like that.

    So now I am contesting it. I got my boss to sign a document stating I was here all day. And I got the network logs as proof that my personal machine was in use at the time of the ticket.

    The thing that worries me is unless it was a clerical error why the hell does someone have the same CT plates as me? Of course the summons just has the plate and that it’s from CT. Not a description, so it could be someone with replicas of my plates. I highly doubt it, but let’s hope I’m not getting cops knocking on my door for some major crime in the near future.

    We’ll see what New York has to say, and then I’ll update this.

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  2. Should I Stay or…

    brian on 2005.03.15
    at 12:56 pm

    A while back I posted about the history of the Graphing Calculator that resides in Apple’s operating systems.

    The story has made it into “This American Life” and you can start listening at the 26minute mark if you’d like to hear the audio version of the tale. (Real Audio) [link via DaringFireball]

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  3. Well-Formed iPhoto Export

    brian on 2005.03.15
    at 11:47 am

    I love iPhoto. However, there are times I wish I could use it to produce photo galleries that I could style on my own, using CSS.

    Now I can, introducing Well-Formed , from All That is Solid. And, not only does it produce xHTML and styles in CSS, but it can also produce XML and SQL. Excellent. Additionally, there is an “extras” section which includes a simple Flash gallery, to boot.

    Unfortunately, right now, the javascript-powered pop-ups in the simple xHTML gallery are crashing Safari, and in Firefox, they don’t pop, but do forward you to larger pic in the same window at least. Also, it seems the Flash gallery is broken as well. (This last part may be me, I’ve sent both bug reports to the author).

    At very least I have something that’ll export the thumbs, web-sized pics and a bare bones gallery for me to style on top of. That’s outstanding.

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