1. Hi-Fidelity Graphics and Music

    brian on 2005.03.10
    at 02:44 am

    This evening, I decided to investigate this group that Mike Gordon has been playing with of late, Benevento-Russo Duo.

    Beautiful website. Has tables, but this isn’t a CSS-P rant. So I followed the “design by” link to Also attractive. No tables in sight. But what made me write this whole entry was the bio section.

    That was worth the price of admission right there. He says he still wants to write a screenplay. I think he’s over looking some great material.

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  2. Rumor Sites under Scrutiny

    brian on 2005.03.10
    at 02:13 am

    I’m trying hard to keep my opinion about this whole situation to myself, but since Chuq has come out and written a very nice blurb on the whole situation, I simply must link him here. His family’s background in journalism helps him speak with authority.

    To me, it’s sad, some of the people in the blogosphere I respect the most are getting this one quite wrong. But differences in opinion are OK.

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  3. ClearPlay is on the road to becoming legal

    jake on 2005.03.09
    at 01:38 pm

    Engadget has a little post about ClearPlay. Hollywood wasn’t too happy that consumers could edit out objectionable content from their DVD’s. Again, I would not buy such a product, but if others want to then it should not be a problem.

    Too bad this didn’t go further and stop all this junk about skipping over commercials. I record a TV show, I should be able to edit out commercials when I view it. If Tivo can do it for me without me having to manually edit an mpeg file then even better.

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  4. All Things (Nike) Considered

    brian on 2005.03.09
    at 01:05 pm

    I’m dubious of Nike when they say stuff. They are after all a megalith of a company, with a notorious past in regards to labor. They swear they’re better now. But now, they’ve introduced the Nike Considered line, which they say is industry leading in its environmental consciousness.

    The site looks to walk the talk. Hell, it’s even XHTML compliant. So that would make the line a) good for the eye, b) good for the earth (er, better than their other products) c) good for the web.

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